About Us...

Management has adopted a 4 point Corporate Commitment which serves as a mission statement and a theme for business growth. Customers, Employee Teammates, Local community, and Company Stockholders are listed separately with pledges to each group to achieve mutual success.

Corporate Commitment
To always practice the highest standards of ethics and honesty to our employee teammates, customers and vendors and to grow profitably in the field of packaging with the following commitments:

  • To Our Customers
    To supply products at an ever increasing level of quality as judged by our customers and to deliver as promised when promised. We will implement customer and vendor partnerships to enhance this process.

  • To Our Employee Teammates
    To provide stable, challenging employment which promotes a team concept and participation in the improvement process by every teammate. We will have honest and sincere concern for the needs of our employees which will include open communication, a safe and clean workplace, and growth and advancement through training opportunities.

  • To Our Community
    To be a good neighbor and to put into the community more than we take out.

  • To Stockholders
    To maintain profitability sufficient to provide growth and opportunities for the company and teammates and provide a satisfactory return on equity.



A wholly owned subsidiary of the Langston Companies